Why do people buy netbooks?

Netbooks are laptops, only smaller, lighter and more affordable. It is also capable of doing most of the tasks you do on a full-sized laptops. And while it is capable of doing those things like Word processing, internet browsing and other basic computer tasks pretty well, it lacks performance on CPU intensive tasks that a regular laptop can do much better.

Netbooks are born in 2007, decades younger than laptops and personal computers. It was first introduced by Asus with their first generation EEE PC, which has 7″ screens, and at most 8GB storage. After its success, other manufacturing companies like Acer, Dell, HP and MSI followed the trend and all seems to be successful.

Then newer models were developed sporting different breeds of Intel Atom CPUs with higher storage capacities and RAM. There were also several netbooks created based on other architecture like ARM. It’s also now becoming a standard on netbooks to have at least 1GB RAM, 169 GB HDD and Intel Atom CPU. Screen size on netbooks have also been improved, and so far, the most common is 10″. This year, manufacturers like Asus and Gigabyte started touch-responsive screens for netbooks. (Gigabyte started earlier)

Sony and Apple are two large companies that hesitated to give a try on the netbook idea. They pretty much both waited for other manufacturers who are already in the bandwagon to discover mistakes before they finally bite the pie. Sony gave in, launching their Sony Vaio P, but still don’t want to call it a netbook just to say they are not jumping on the trend. And then they launch their ‘real netbook’ entry that is the Sony Vaio W. Apple on the other hand is firm on their decision to not give in and join the group, but there are rumors (that are closely true) lately, about their entry on the netbooks bandwagon that is the Apple Touch.

Along with this Netbook evolution are so many critics that keep comparing Netbooks to a full-sized laptop. To mobile phones and handhelds. And sometimes, even to full-sized desktops. Most laptops nowadays performs so much better than netbooks. They give you the speed you need in doing CPU hungry tasks. In return, it consumes battery faster as well, giving the netbooks the advantage. Most netbooks today can give you at least 6 hrs battery life in every single charge.

Netbooks Shipments

Netbooks Shipments

Recent news from Tech Crunc hshows that Netbooks take a fifth of the pie in the market for all types of computer products shipped. I’m not saying I’m exactly correct but to me, the more netbooks being shipped means there’s also lots of netbook buyers. Why would you continue producing and shipping products if it’s not being sold out to customers?

Now let’s get back to my question. Why do people buy netbooks?

I think the answer is simple. It’s what they need. It’s small (but their getting bigger), it’s light, it connects to the internet, it has long battery life and it’s affordable. Not everyone needs to do extensive tasks like editing images in Photoshop or playing high-end games while on the road. Netbooks don’t have the best performance, but compared to your old laptop which some of you used to carry along in the pre-netbooks era, netbooks may have all the advantages. People buy netbooks just because the performance is enough to what they need. Laptops can perform better, but it’s like buying a sports car that goes beyond 300mph, and you just don’t have to drive that fast.

Disclaimer: These are just opinions coming from my empty mind. If you have something to say, just hit the comment section.

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  1. Geoffrey Champion said:

    Sep 10, 09 at 1:06 am

    Would you want a device that fits in your pocket but you can use all 10 fingers to type also you can make a call from it?

  2. A. Cantos said:

    Sep 10, 09 at 11:10 am

    are you talking about “smartbooks”?

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