Vaio P is not a netbook – Sony.

sony vaio p

If you look at the Sony Vaio P from afar, you’ll hardly notice its difference from netbooks because of its shape and size. But according to Sony blog, “You Can’t Tell a Netbook by its Cover”.

Sony still continues to claim that their Vaio P is not a netbook, maybe because they think that netbooks like Asus Eee, MSI Wind, Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini, etc. are made with lower quality than their product. This may be true, but their reasoning just describes the Vaio P even closer to what they are trying to deny. They were claiming that they are of greater advantage when it comes to keyboard, backlit screen, CPU, wireless capabilities, GPS, Dual OS, and storage options. Now let’s see what’s Engadget’s thought about it.

The conclusion, Sony Vaio P is really not a netbook because of its very expensive price.

I don’t have nothing against Sony, I just want them to accept the fact that netbooks are just as useful as the P.

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  1. Sony Vaio W Netbook Specs - Netbooks News, Hacks and HowTo’s said:

    Jul 08, 09 at 3:06 pm

    [...] their netbook line, the Vaio W. Actually the first netbook since they don’t want to call the Sony Vaio P a netbook. For this one, they are introducing the netbook with its basic use – email, instant [...]

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