Ubuntu Netbooks seems to be in demand at System76

System76 is a company that manufactures computer hardware. All their products come with Ubuntu. System76 manufactures and sells the Starling Netbook, which is also a 10″ netbook that runs on Intel Atom N270. Which by the way out of stocks already.

Starling Netbook

Starling Netbook, image from System76

In an email sent to WorksWithU, System76 stated that their Starling Netbook ran out of stock 2 weeks earlier than they projected. Their Nettop product Meerkat Ion was also out of stocks.

Ubuntu is the most perfect Linux OS for netbooks thus far. The demand might be far behind Windows, though I don’t have sources to prove. But as I can see, this is because lots of currently existing software/application people use only run on Windows. Familiarity seems to be a big factor for the users. There are alternative software designed for Ubuntu but again, people are not that open for adopting new knowledge when it comes to that. As long as they do fine with what they already know it’s good enough.

Still, this is good news.

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