Ubuntu Eee is not yet Final

Honestly, I have not removed Ubuntu Eee on my eee pc yet. Because I see it’s getting fixed already and become stable like the eeeXubuntu. Although, John Ramvi is not yet finished integrating the madwifi driver to the kernel module. Currently, wifi does not work OOTB but there’s a workaround. But since wifi is the most vital module for every OS designed for the eee pc, I salute John’s effort about this.

His message:
The problem is making the madwifi driver
into a kernel module package.
If we don’t do this, and just install the driver,
it will stop working when Ubuntu pushes a kernel update
(which is what happened to the beta).
If anyone is able to compile it,
please contact me!

Look, all other OS created for eee pc does not support wifi OOTB. And just in case, Ubuntu Eee will be the first one. I wish I could help, but I honestly don’t know anything about Linux programming.

More power to John Ramvi. I’m sure you’ll figure out a solution very soon.

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2 Responses to “ Ubuntu Eee is not yet Final ”

  1. jhay said:

    May 21, 08 at 10:48 am

    Ubuntu that supports WiFi OOTB on the Eee PC, another compelling reason to not buy the XP variant. :P

  2. A. Cantos said:

    May 22, 08 at 2:41 am

    yer right. and you can always install winxp anytime you want. while you still get bigger capacity.

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