Sony wants their Netbook perfect, or just not confident?

SonyWe have heard rumors about Sony’s attempt to hop on the Netbook bandwagon and the main reason why not yet is that they are waiting for the pioneers to commit mistakes. Well, obviously, the pioneers have committed some mistakes but continuously improving their products and still dealing with high demands. So what mistake is Sony waiting?

  • Low storage capacity has been resolved already with new products like Eee PC 1000H having up to 320GB.
  • Larger screens and higher resolutions have been answered as well.
  • RAM didn’t have serious problem even with the 1st generation Eee PC, and upgrades are available.
  • Current netbooks has bigger keyboards as well.
  • Battery life has greatly improved. Apart from adding power to the battery, manufacturers have decreased power consumption as well by putting Atom processors.
  • 3G/HSDPA capability is hacked or embedded already on some products like the Everun Note. Dell Inspiron is also coming with 3G soon.
  • Some mistakes regard with delayed shipping dates but the product is still loved.
  • All other companies like Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, LG, etc… have joined the trip already except Sony.

Sony has been successful with their Vaios Laptops and there’s a great potential that consumers will love their netbooks (if there will be) as well. So what’s stopping them? Maybe the mistake they are waiting from the pioneers is realize that their netbooks are non-sense and must stop producing more netbooks. That would be a mistake, indeed. I have no idea how they do business. I’m just excited.

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