Sony Vaio X reviewed, lasts nearly 10 hours

Sony Vaio X

Sony Vaio X

Thinnest, Lightest and Most Expensive. Descriptive words carefully picked by Laptopmag to describe the Sony Vaio X. The netbook sells for as low as $1,299 for the 64GB SSD model that only comes in black, and $1,499 for the other model model. One of the nice things Sony did is to include the extended battery on the price, aside from the standard battery pack which could only last up to 3 hours.

One of the things Laptopmag also highlighted is the battery endurance, which lasted for 9 hours 49 minutes with Wi-Fi on, GPS and 3G off. In a few, we can expect updates on the other tests as well.

For it’s lightness and thin form factor, the Sony Vaio X is certainly a looker. And surely is prettier/more handsome than you.

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