SmartBro Wireless Post Paid, also on Prepaid

Smart Wireless Broadband is now also available on prepaid. I learned it from EeePH. The idea uses the same modem used with SmartBro Wireless post paid and a prepaid SIM card specially designed for broadband access. The SIM card has no text and call functions, but it can receive information coming from Smart such as load/balance information. Broadband cost is Php 10 for every 30 minutes, same with what they charge for Smart 3G connection. This is 3 times cheaper than what you pay for GlobeQuest Wi-Fi services at malls. And more than 3 times lower than Coffee Bean’s. When load runs out, you can easily reload via Smart e-load, same as reloading on regular services.

The offered speed is up to 384kbps and it depends on mobile signal. I confirmed from a technical engineer that it’s faster than 3G, as long as the signal is strong. The modem uses 3G/HSDPA/GPRS signals to keep you connected as much as possible. Unfortunately, there’s always a very weak signal on our place. But fortunately, it is mobile, and I can go in any place where the signal is good.

The modem costs Php 4.5K. The thing is I am not sure yet how faster is this really compare to 3G. If in case that their speed has not much difference, I would just stick with my Nokia 6120 and totally forget about SmartBro prepaid. Though, I am not satisfied with 3G speed even with strong 3G signal.

If somebody here already has availed one, I want to know from you how satisfying is the speed. Is it really faster than 3G? How fast? Help me decide, please.

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