Ozzie says Microsoft is not threatened by Netbooks

How did netbooks become a threat to Microsoft?

Image borrowed from www.chinadaily.com.cn

Image borrowed from www.chinadaily.com.cn

When Asus first introduced the Eee PC, it was loaded with a default operating system which is Xandros, an OS built from Linux. After a couple of months, many news and other related news popped out that Microsoft might lose some revenues with this new computing category, since there would be lesser demands for Windows and so and so.

Then a number of custom Linux operating systems for netbooks followed like Ubuntu, Ubuntu Eee which is now Easy Peasy, EeeXubuntu, Puppy, Tiger, gOS, etc., etc. Being free operating systems, this however encouraged some users (including me) to try out and use as alternative OS instead of Windows, if Xandros don’t go very well.

Then other manufacturers like Acer, MSI, Dell, Lenovo, HP etc. came in and jumped right through the netbooks bandwagon. Netbooks started to take a larger share of the computing market. If you think about it, Microsoft could also have taken a very large share if those netbooks all run Windows instead of Linux.

One of the main reason why netbooks used Linux as a default operating system is to cut down their prices. They thought that the cheaper their netbooks are, the more consumer will be happy to buy them. But when they tried to put Windows on those platforms, they suddenly realized that it’s easier to sell their products with Windows.

So maybe that’s the reason why Ray Ozzie said that they are not threatened by netbooks. It’s because they (Microsoft) realized that maybe netbooks are actually not threatening them but instead, manufacturers are using them to increase their netbook sales.

According to an article from Venture Beat, Ozzie and Microsoft are not threatened by cloud computing either. For him, the more laptops are out there, the happier he is. And when he said laptops he’s also talking about netbooks since he looks at netbooks as laptops too.

ARM-based netbooks are also starting to pop out and we know that Windows 7 won’t run on it yet, but Ozzie seems confident that it won’t even bother Microsoft. Instead he said, The problem with those netbooks is that they aren

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