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Customizing Acer Aspire One GUI

While Acer Aspire One already has its cool user interface out of the box, it seems it still not satisfy everyone’s palates, because someone exerted efforts discovering a way to customize it. The process involves modifying an xml file, which seems to be easy if you follow the steps that are detailed on the article.

Netbooks and MIDs: How they differ?

Meanwhile, “Netbooks” and “MID” now have new definitions that pretty much define their differences. According to Intel, netbooks are “clamshells”, with 7 – 10.2 inch screens, built purposely for Internet use. While MIDs are pocketable devices with a 4 to 7-inch screen that take a clamshell, slider or tablet form and are custom built for “Internet-based targeted usages”. Seems like the Gigabyte tablet-convertible might not be considered as netbook in this sense. All these we learned from jkOnTheRun.

HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition

HP Mini 1000 now has a Vivienne Tam Edition that looks very similar to its predecessor of the same edition. Options for specs upgrade are available and prices start at $699. The latter is now available for order.

Asus Eee PC 1002HA Review

Asus Eee PC 1002HA review has been published and Laptop is pretty happy of their experience. Pros includes its sleek design, multi-touch trackpad, wide keyboard estate and good wi-fi performance. While the right shift key positioning still draws for the cons, together with shorter battery life and no option for extended battery. Third party batteries might be under way, so don’t worry too much.

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