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Gigabyte, a company that specializes in motherboards, graphic accelerators, mobile and handheld communication devices has new plans in the coming year. The company has introduced a couple of Gigabyte netbooks in the last few months already, which stood out among other netbooks with its convertible-to-tablet design. DIGITIMES, one of the most reliable tachnology update website, says that the company is now focusing on increased performance on their motherboard segment, including plans to launch three more netbooks in the coming year that feature 3.5G module, for added mobility. Gigabyte is said to clear their inventory this 2008, to anticipate economic crisis impact in the beginning of 2009.

In Germany, Lenovo IdeaPad S10 makes a big hit as it comes along with a 6-cell battery. It is also now the most affordable 10 incher netbook in Germany for only 329 Euros. Lenovo IdeaPad S10 usually only comes with a 3-cell battery in other countries. Brad Linder says that the 6-cell battery doesn’t look perfectly good, but the doubled battery life should pay off. He also includes that 6-cell batteries are now also available in the US for an additional $50 USD on the base price.

Black Friday Netbook Deals

Black Friday is definitely one of the best days for gadget shoppers in the US which they await every year. Lots of cool gadget is sold at a discounted price which usually cuts a huge percentage on the original price. One of the most anticipated deal could be the Dell Inpison Mini 9 which cuts $50 instantly from the base price, making it to only $299, including free shipping if you buy on Thanks Giving Day until Friday. The said netbook has been offered for only $99 dollars before.

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