MSI adds more fun to Wind Netbooks

msi wind q-face

MSI is providing Wind Netbook users of the U100 and U90 models with Q-Face and Windy Zone game software, valued at US$200, completely free of charge!

Things you can do with Q-Face

  • transform your icon on instant messaging software, by putting a hat on your picture
  • changing into a cute puppy or
  • adding a frame of bubbles around the image

That’s fun. But I think it could be even funnier if I do those things to others’ pictures. :)

Things you can have with Windy Zone

  • Star Mission v.
  • Chicken Shake v.
  • Island War v.2.5.2
  • Chicken Invader v.3.5.4
  • Loco v.1.2.1
  • Smileyville v.1.2.1


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    como puedo activar mi web cam???????????

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