MSI Wind competes EEE PC 901, 1000(H) release date in US

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Few hours ago, I posted that MSI Wind could be available in Amazon by today, but apparently we have to wait two weeks more before it comes real. (Still not confirmed).

According to the email posted at MSIWind Forum, MSI Wind will ship on the week of July 7th. Sounds like there’s still no exact date. On the other side, Asus has confirmed date of shipping for two models. [EEE PC 901, EEE PC 1000(H).

MSI has initially stated that the first batch that will ship will contain 3-cell batteries and that do not bring high interest to the customers. It would be better if they can also push back that initial statement so at least they could make up for pushing back the ship date twice. While this idea could be good, I don't think they can get their target number of customers that easy since EEE PC's are also out on the 8th. Yes, MSI stands out among other awaited ultra portables but EEE PC is still a big factor.

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