MSI Wind available in a few, battery is not encouraging

MSI did not hit the original ship date but it will be out later. However, there’s some issues that customer might not want to hear. The MSI Wind will come out packed with 3-cell battery and no higher.

According to LaptopMag:

On June 27, the MSI Wind will be available from a slew of online retailers, including,,,, and However, Due to a battery shortage out of South Korea, the first batch of Winds will blow out with a 3-cell rather than a 6-cell battery for the reduced price of $479.99. Our review unit was bundled with a 6-cell battery and had an MSRP of $499.99.

A quick poll at the source’s site tells that customers are still interested to buy the MSI Wind but not until higher capacity batteries come out.
msi poll

A quick glance at Amazon and it’s confirmed it’s really not out yet. In a few hours, maybe.
msi wind

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