Is it ok to leave your netbooks plugged all the time?

My Asus EEE PC 1000HE has been plugged and busy for 3 straight days already. I’m using it the whole day and I leave it downloading copies of Live Linux distros all night. Of course I did a couple of restarts as well as required by application updates. But I noticed it did not heat up too much. My netbook is at the living room, no AC, atmosphere is ranging from 28 to 30 degress centigrade during daytime.

I wonder before if keeping it plugged the whole time affects on the temperature, but I guess, maybe just a little bit. I think most of the heat comes from internal components and maybe from the battery. Even though, I still ask, “Is it ok to leave netbooks plugged all the time”? “Is it good for the battery as well”?

I have an EEE PC 701 I purchased in 2007 and I’ve been using it the same way. Plugged at all time as much as possible. Of course it heats up much more than 1000HE because they have different components and the newer one has the advantage most of the times if not always. I did a basic battery check on my EEE PC 701 yesterday and it seems it’s as healthy as before. Maybe because I have lesser charge/discharge cycle? I’m not so sure. I’m not technically literate of how battery works. I did not do a battery test before, but I remember I watched 2 movies in one sitting so I did the same again and it’s almost the same result. It’s not accurate but I don’t think the result is far apart. I know my netbook pretty well but I don’t mean I can’t be wrong.

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2 Responses to “Is it ok to leave your netbooks plugged all the time?”

  1. bluedes said:

    Jul 16, 09 at 12:57 pm

    lithium ion batteries have a 2-3 year lifespan.. irregardless of charge/discharge cycles

  2. A. Cantos said:

    Jul 17, 09 at 3:41 am

    oh,,, i don’t know that. thanks.

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