Intel Atom N280 Speed

At CES, the new Intel Atom N280 was introduced together with the new Eee PC tagged as the 1004DN. It is the first netbook to cast a built-in optical disc drive and the first to feature Intel Atom N280. The looks and other specs goes pretty similar to previous models, so you might just wanna know how different or how fast this new processor would be.

According to UK Netbook Review, the Intel Atom N280 will have a clock speed of 1.66Ghz. This is slightly different from the current N270 which has 1.6Ghz. Don’t know exactly though the speed details of the two. The BUS speed though will have a rather great increase to 667Mhz compared to N270′s 533Mhz. As fas as I know, this will have a noticeable difference in performance, but again, I won’t have the details.

Maybe in a not so far time, someone will post an article the N270 and the N280 speed test.

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