Good netbooks with Intel Atom 330 inside

Netbooks are most of the time underpowered and, while able to run OK basic everyday tasks, will struggle when faced with more demanding applications or multitasking. But not all of them, as there are the devices built on the dual-core Intel Atom 330 platform.

First of all, the Atom 330 is a dual-core processor, clocked at 1.6 GHz, with 512 Kb of cache and 667 MHz FSB. It comes paired with a graphic solution called Nvidia ION, which in fact uses an Nvidia 9400M chip . All these usually paired with a decent amount of memory. In practice, they are translated in good performance in standard everyday activities and decent multitasking capabilities, all these in a compact and light device you can easily carry around when needed.

At the moment, there aren’t many netbooks on the market with these technical specs. In fact, in Europe and US there’s only one device worth mentioning right now, but what a device it is: the Asus EEE PC 1201N.

Asus EEE PC 1201N - great looks and good performance from the Atom 330 + Nvidia ION config

Asus EEE PC 1201N – great looks and good performance from the Atom 330 + Nvidia ION config

For months one of the best sold mini laptops in the US, this is a 12 inch computer with the following specs:

  • Intel Atom 330 processor, dual-core + Nvidia ION graphics
  • 2 GB of memory DDR2 (upgradeable to 4)
  • 250 GB storage HDD and 500 GB EEE storage Online
  • 12.1 inch LED backlit display, glossy, 1366 x 768 px
  • HDMI, VGA, mic/headset, webcam, card-reader, 3xUSB slots
  • Wi-fi N, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Full-size chiclet keyboard  and multi-touch trackpad
  • measures 11.54 (W) x 8.11 (D) x 1.06~ 1.30 (H) inches
  • weighs: 3.22 lbs
  • comes with 6 Cell battery (up to 5 hours of life)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium as OS
  • available in Black or Silver

I’m not going to bore you with details about this device, this is not a review. However, I’m going to tell you that there’s only one thing i don’t like about it: the case is glossy, so smudges and fingerprints are visible on the Black finish. Besides this, It’s great for the money you have to pay for it.

It can play all your everyday applications and thanks to the ION hardware inside, it can be used as a multimedia device. Can run HD content (up to 1080P, both self-stored and Flash) and can run even some of the modern games on medium details, including World of Warcraft, Need For Speed Shift, Sims 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare . See the video below for details.

All these make the Asus 1201N an awesome pick. And I’m not exaggerating with that word. Reviews posted online buy those who already own it are also a prove of how good it is.

At the moment, this Atom 330 powered netbook runs for around $485 in the US, with Free Shipping included and is available in Silver or Black.

A vailable in Black or Silver

A vailable in Black or Silver

You might be amazed that this is the only Atom 330 netbook on the market right now, but this is in fact the truth. The dual-core ATOM processor was mostly used for nettops, which are compact Desktop replacements and you can see in this post a list of the best nettops of the moment.

Also, be aware that in the next months, mini laptops boosting ATOM N500 processor and New generation ION will be available on the market. They will be upgraded versions of the 1201N, with slightly better performance, but mostly with better autonomy and looks. We should see them in stores by the end of the summer and be sure I’ll treat them in a new post when they become available. In the meantime, don’t forget to stay tuned and subscribe if you don’t want to miss anything.

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