I Got a New PDair Leather case for my Eee 701

PDair Leather CaseI was able to place an order for a PDair leather case the other day at SilieNation, and now I have it. It’s not actually a new thing for netbooks to have, but it’s still cool. I feel that my netbook is more protected and more practical. Imagine you don’t have to carry along extra pouch just to place spare SDHC. Right?

I compared the price at SilieNation and PDair, and I saved about $10 for the item. I just need another $22 and you can also have one.

I think we’re gonna give away one on March. Let’s just hope that our Paypal funds get some increase despite the economical state :) , and we promise it’s all yours. Just watch out.

That’s how generous we are in terms of giving away stuffs, as long as we can.

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Last updated: January 30, 2009 |

One Response to “I Got a New PDair Leather case for my Eee 701”

  1. chiemartin said:

    Feb 10, 09 at 3:10 pm

    congrats on your PDAir leather case. it’s a beauty indeed. i got mine last year from eilis a.k.a. silie as well.

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