HP Mini 2140: Priced, Launched in Manila (officially)

hp mini 2140

HP Mini 2140 has been out for a while in some local stores and in other countries but HP just formally launched the latter in the Philippines.

What’s in the event is basically the introduction of their new Minis, which they don’t want to call netbooks but ultraportables. Are they trying to avoid involving themselves on the ‘Netbook’ war? Or just really can’t accept that they made a netbook?

The HP Mini 2140 is available with 80GB and 160GB along with the common specs we see on other Atom Powered netbooks. This guy sells at Php 23,950. Speaking of Atom, yeah HP has turned it’s back against VIA since back then. And they made the right turn I guess.

Along with 2140 are 1100 and the Vivienne Tam Edition also launched. They will sell at Php 18,950 and Php 27,950 respectively.

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