HP Mini 1000 ‘Hidden’ 3G module

The HP Mini 1000 is the 2nd netbook from HP which replaces the VIA processor from the previous 2133 and uses Intel Atom. It has SSD storage of 8GB/16GB, and 60GB HDD options. RAM is reduced to 512MB compared to previous 1GB. Lots of differences from the 2133 brother.

Some are now surprised because it seems that HP missed to announce that HP Mini 1000 comes with built in 3G module. And you won’t worry about installing external 3G PCIe card anymore. The only problem is that the 3G module is disabled initially, and software/driver is not by default included in the package. But it’s also not a problem anymore how to enable it. dplxy has some pretty good details on how he enabled the 3G feature on his HP Mini 1000. Head on and check it out.

via liliputing

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