HowTo install Expressgate on USB

I have personally witnessed a live presentation of ExpressGate on the EeeBox before and it was impressive.

It has number of limitations compared to a full booted-up netbook, but it can just offer you anything you need as far as mobility is concerned. You can do Internet surfing, chatting, check emails. Before, it comes along with the motherboard. N

ow you can have it on your USB flash drive, perfect as an alternative OS for quick internet access.

Here are the requirements before you can install ExpressGate on a USB.

  • A bit of knowledge about Linux.
  • At least 512 MB USB Flash drive.
  • A copy of ExpressGate which can be downloaded here

Steps about the installation process is detailed very well on Kinox’s site.

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    For reasons beyond me, our nation’s ISPs block Google Translate.

    I can’t even get it working through Tor.

    Can anyone post an English version of this site?

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