HowTo Fix Fn-F5 toggle on Eee PC running Windows XP

Since I now have a Live Ubuntu Eee on my 8GB SDHC, I headed and installed Windows XP on Eee 701 that I own. I was able to grab a USB to IDE cable from Brando and installing the XP with an external DVD drive was a breeze. After installing all required drivers and the ACPI, everything works except the FN+F5 key which is used to toggle/extend the display to another monitor or a projector. I had no internet connection while I troubleshoot but I was still lucky to figure out how to fix it. Trials and Errors was effective that time.

I initially installed the Intel Graphics Driver that comes along with the Asus Eee PC restore CD, but it only supports up to 800×600 resolution with no scaling. So the whole Desktop doesn’t fit very well on the small monitor, thus, scrolling is required to go end-to-end on the screen. FN+F5 works prefectly during with this driver. Then I updated the driver with Intel Embedded Graphics Driver that supports scaling and the problem occurred.


igfxext.exe not running. FN+F5 will be disabled.

It took me a while before I finally figured out a technique and I hope this might help you too in case you run the same problem.

  1. Install the original driver back. The FN+F5 will work again, but the resolution is quite big for the screen (not scaled).
  2. Run the “Setup.exe” of the IEGD driver but select Uninstall Driver instead of directly overwriting the existing one.
  3. Restart Windows XP
  4. When XP boots up again, it will prompt you for Graphics Driver. This time, follow the installation wizard but point the driver to use the IEGD.
  5. Graphics driver will be successfully installed with scaled resolution, and the FN+F5 still works.

Another problem that might happen to you but so unlikely is that the Eee PC Tray Utility won’t allow you to select a different resolution. Just make sure that your monitor uses the Plug n Play driver and not the ones with specific resolution. e.g Dafault(800×480).

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