How To make Eee PC 1000H even cooler

eee pc 1000h hack

While we haven’t heard news about overheating Eee PC 1000H (or we’re just not tuned in), Andrew Chapman has discovered a way to release few degrees of heat out of the system, thus keeping your Eee PC cool. He’s running his Eee PC at 2Ghz.

The hack is very simple which includes removing screws, cutting tin foil, and putting them back together. Oh, and he mentioned you need a screw driver and a cutter knife to do this. Which are by the way just inside your kitchen drawers.

via liliputing

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Last updated: April 14, 2011 |

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3 Responses to “ How To make Eee PC 1000H even cooler ”

  1. Ade said:

    Sep 19, 08 at 10:58 am

    Hm. Is this possible for the 701?

  2. A. Cantos said:

    Sep 19, 08 at 11:26 pm

    701 does not block any exhaust. [at least on mine]

  3. Netbook Reviews said:

    Nov 22, 09 at 6:26 am

    has he actually measured the temp to see if this works? maybe the engineers designed it the most efficient way possible?

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