How To Install Ubuntu 9.04 on Eee PC 901

ubuntu 901 Now that you got an Asus Eee PC 901, you might also want to try to install the Ubuntu 9.04. Ubuntu 9.04 is also customized to run nicely on some netbooks. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Eee PC 901 has an Intel Atom N270, 1GB RAM and 20GB SSD, which is highly capable of running Ubuntu OS. You may also enjoy the Ubuntu Netbook Remix which is perfectly designed for netbooks.

Tombuntu shares the step by step on how to install Ubuntu 9.04 on your Eee PC 901.

  1. To start off, you need to have a Ubuntu Live USB or Live CD. To create a Live USB, you need to have to download a copy of Ubuntu. Afterwhich, you may use the USB Startup Disk Creator Tool if you’re running another Ubuntu, or UNetbootin if you’re on Windows.
    You will then have to boot from the Live USB or Live CD. Please refer to manual on how to boot from third party disks.
  2. When Live installer started, you may follow the instructions as is, but if you may, please pay attention to some details.
  3. After all are done well, you may now enjoy your newly installed system. I assume the Ubuntu 9.01 pretty comes with all your basic needs for a netbook and if you think you need something that’s not in there, Ubuntu 9.04 can assist you as well.

For more details and helpful recommendations on installing Ubuntu, feel free to hit the link below.

Step by step Ubuntu 9.04 by Tombuntu.

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  1. AC said:

    May 22, 09 at 9:48 pm

    WiFi — specifically WPA — might not work with a standard 9.04 install. It certainly didn’t for me…

    901 users will either need the custom kernel or an Eee PC-optimized install like Easy Peasy or Eeebuntu.

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