How to deal Eee PC Right-Shift key without hacks

Warning: This is an old topic, I just thought it might still be helpful.

Despite all the good things about the Eee PC, there’s also annoyances we’ve been hearing as well. The least I should say is the Right-Shift key, which most user thinks it was misplaced (and small as well). Seems to be true, and we think it’s because of the limited real estate of the keyboard.

Most of us are probably used to using both shift keys when typing, and we can’t blame ourselves if we had to have few errors when typing. But there are always solutions to go around any problems. And this one’s not too big to annoy everyone.

There’s an option that needs hacks to make the keyboard work for you as expected. But it will also require moving keys (arrow up key and shift key). It seems very easy to do, practiced by many users already, but I still opt not to do the same on my Eee PC. It never took a day from me before I get used to using only the left key when I type. On my observation, it did not impact my typing speed at all. The only effect I noticed is that I have not been using the right key anymore, even though I am using the regular sized keyboard.

Who else have tried moving the keys on their Eee PC? And how many of you have opted to practice typing with left shift key?

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