Eee PC 3.5G with Nokia 6120

It’s quite funny since I’ve been looking for 3.5G modem like the T500 while my Nokia 6120 can do quite the same if there’s strong mobile signal. I don’t usually check my phone when I have stable connection so I just noticed that small 3.5G written just below the signal bar just now. For normal internet use the average speed of 300 kbps is not bad, is it? I don’t use much my Eee PC for downloading large files. So that speed, for me, is very satisfying.

  • Youtube videos loads faster than my brother’s broadband connection at home.
  • Gmail, which I believe has quite too heavy scripts to execute, loads at acceptabley fast as well.
  • All your blogs loads fast.
  • There’s nothing more I could ask for.

I observed the little icon for few minutes and it just barely change to 3G and then go back to 3.5G again in about 2 seconds. This speed may vary depending on the carrier/provider, I use Smart, but the location is the major factor for this. I never get stable connection with this phone when I’m at home.

Some speed tests after the jump.

Tested from local Server.
Tested from NY Server.

I also tested my connection using Globe Bandwidth Meter tool online and I’m quite surprised with the result. Click the image to enlarge.

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