Eee PC 1004DN has disc drive

Asus Eee PC 1004DN

Asus Eee PC 1004DN

One of the things that we wish for netbooks to have is the optical disc drive, which gives easier way to install software that are available on optical discs, especially when installing your favorite OS. Netbooks lack this device and it’s also one of the things that set netbooks apart from real computers such as Laptops and Desktops. Don’t get me wrong, netbooks are also real computers.

Now the time has come. Brad, who is currently at CES, reports that the new Eee PC 1004DN sports an optical disc drive that I assume a combo drive that reads and burns data to and from a CD and DVD. The latter also run via Intel Atom N280 and other parts commonly installed to netbooks. This is a huge leap for Asus, now they can say Eee PC not just changes brand/model, but it really evolves to a more useful computer.

For pictures and specs, click the link.

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