Eee Box B204/B206 = Excellent Home Computing and Entertainment

The original Eee Box B202 is roughly just a half-year old, while Mother Asus is about to give birth again for a new twin. The twins B204 and B206 are very much identical to their older sibling, having same processors and network features, etc., except that they also acquired an extra gene from their new father which makes them grow an HDMI port from their rear. ATI Radeon HD 3400 series with 256MB DDR2 memory will also enhance their media decoding ability which also makes them capable of playing High Definition Videos in higher quality on High Definition TV. Apparently, the B204 inherits another gene from someone else which gives it a built-in battery which will keep it alive for a period of time when power is cut-off.

Computingwise, this might still not be the best option for a desktop alternative, but will surely satisfy your normal computing needs. And entertainmentwise, this might not be as good as dedicated home entertainment system, but will surely keep your eyes happily awake watching your favorite movies. They will also come along with a remote control, which will help you instruct them to do things they are supposed to without even landing a single finger on them.

Price and birth date is not yet confirmed, but I’m sure it wouldn’t take long. And oh, there’s also a new technology called Newborn Screening, and we hope that the new Asus babies undergo this process to prevent them from inheriting the virus their older sibling once have.

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