Dell Latitude 2100 Philippines launch, still has no date

Dell Latitude 2100 was launched in some parts of the world last May 2009, and while there’s no definite date on when it is to be launched in the Philippines, an email to Abe of Yugatech tells that the Latitude 2100 Netbook will be here anytime soon.

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook

The Latitude 2100 is a 10.1-incher netbook from Dell which is designed primarily for students. It features a built-in shoulder sling to easily carry the netbook without the use of a bag (though I don’t think anyone will find it helpful in the Philippines). The netbook also features a variety of storage options which ranges from 16GB SSD to 250GB hard disk. One thing which likely encourage more users is the touchscreen option aside from the regular output-only display.

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