Dell Inspiron Mini 9 officially Launched in Manila

Dell has started their netbook journey officially last night in Manila as they introduced the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 together with their Dell Studio Laptops and Dell Studio Hybrid in 8 colors. As expected on our previous report, its price is revealed at Php 24, 599 for Windows XP version, which is a bit expensive but still affordable. There’s no words on pricing for the Ubuntu version yet.

dell inspiron mini 9

One thing that actually turned me netbook ignorant are the function keys [that I first thought were missing] that were placed across the middle of the keyboard sharing letters A to L, etc. Some keys like scroll lock is missing as well, but who uses it anyway? Good thing about lesser keys is that it save space for other keys for larger and easier access.

Just a refresher, the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 sports 1.6G Intel Atom, 8.9-inch screen at 1024 X 600, WiFi and Bluetooth, 1GB RAM and 16GB SSD. It can have more storage via

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