Asus Eee PC 1002HAE intros in Japan

Written by Aldrin Cantos on May 7, 2009 – 3:37 pm -

asus eee pc 1002hae
And then I thought that this new model is totally cooler. Covered in aluminum skin, this dude could probably look more handsome than the HP Mini 2140. This new version of Eee PC 1002HA is technically the same breed when you look at the specs under the hood and the new skin is pretty much the only thing new. Weight is also reduced to 1.2kg, less than a pound lighter than 1002HA.

via Engadget


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Asus Phasing out 7″ Netbooks, 8.9 inch not yet

Written by Aldrin Cantos on March 5, 2009 – 11:19 am -

eee pc 701

Asus started their EEE PC line with an overwhelming welcome to 7 inchers. Later they come up with larger screens of 8.9 - 15″ including the Nettops. Now we have to admit that the first-gen EEE PC we loved will soon say its goodbyes. Asus will focus more on their larger netbooks and seems to phase out 8.9″ as well. Though not confirmed. I’m sure it’s all about business decision and we are well aware that 7″ nowadays are left behind mostly as compared to netbooks with larger screens. This decision is wise, and has a better chance of increasing sales on their other products as well.

via liliputing


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Asus Eee Top, S101 Reached the Philippines

Written by Aldrin Cantos on January 22, 2009 – 8:20 pm -

The Asus Eee Top and the S101 have been introduced to other countries in quite a while already but just recently in the Philippines. Primary reason of the delay could be their pretty expensive price tags. The S101 is priced at Php 34,800 and Php 32,800 for the Eee Top.

Still, these Eee models are cool.

via Yugatech


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The Eee Keyboard. Keyboard is all you need.

Written by Aldrin Cantos on January 9, 2009 – 11:35 am -

I’m sure I have read about a keyboard with built-in CPU from a magazine once upon a time, but the Eee Keyboard is a different concept. Talks about this new specie started at CES when Asus wows everyone.

Yuga already had his insights about this cool keyboard and the how the device can be useful. Now let me show you what lied inside it so we know what really this keyboard can do.

  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB/32GB SSD
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • HDMI support
  • USB 2.0 ports, VGA ports, HDMI ports etc.
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • via


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    Asus, a notch down to Acer, to step up in 2009

    Written by Aldrin Cantos on December 11, 2008 – 11:11 am -

    This week, Acer was announced the leading netbook in 3Q08 sales, leaving the whole big family of Eee PCs behind by approximately 8% on market shares. This was rather a milestone for Acer not just because they got to the top, but getting to the top with a single model released, in 4 different colors. Way to go, Acer.

    Meanwhile, to gain back what they just lost, Asustek targets 44 percent unit sales in 2009 for their netbooks. This I learned from Liliputing.

    Overall, netbook shipments surge over 160% in 3Q08. Shall we expect higher numbers in 2009?


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