Xandros Presto Demo Video

Today’s gonna be an instant-on OS day I think. While we just showed a video of the Linpus Quick OS, we’re gonna show you again another video of the Presto OS from Xandros. Enjoy!

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Instant On for Xandros Netbooks?

xandros presto instant-on
We’re all pretty much aware that Xandros is part of the netbook world we now enjoy, and they are not being forgotten for sure. Xandros has announced their Presto OS which boots in seconds and runs on old and slow PC’s as well. So This gives me a hint that future netbooks specially Eee PC’s will have Presto pre-installed instead of SplashTop.

Presto is not totally an OS replacement but it gives you what you primarily need for your internet activity. And by the way, Xandros is developing more application for Presto so everyone will have more options rather than just fast booting your machine.

Presto Beta version will be available on March 16, but retailing starts on April 13.

via Engadget

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009

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eeeXubutu v.s Full Desktop Mode Xandros

There are a lot of distros already being run on Asus Eee but I just have tried Xandros and eeeXubuntu so far. The Xandros in Easy Mode is the best in terms of user friendliness and easy access to applications. Because of its tabbed UI, you can have different categories to contain shortcuts to applications. It’s not that efficient before because you cannot add additional icons, until the Easy Mode Editor.

The advancec mode by the way is way better in terms of usability. You can gain more access to other applications that are beyond most users knowledge. In other words, Advance Mode is for advanced users. I was able to enjoy using it with Beryl installed until I messed up with my default Xandros. I was not able to explore a lot about Advance Mode since I still use the Easy Mode most of the times.

Then I install eeeXubuntu and find it way way better than Xandros whether it’s Easy Mode or Advanced. I have been exploring eeeXubuntu for a week already and so far, I see big differences. I can’t explain it though because I’m just a nood Linux user pretending to know everything.

Now, I am running Compiz-Fusion on it and it’s more enjoyable to use. Better than Beryl + Eee PC.

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Saturday, February 23, 2008

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