MSI adds more fun to Wind Netbooks

msi wind q-face

MSI is providing Wind Netbook users of the U100 and U90 models with Q-Face and Windy Zone game software, valued at US$200, completely free of charge!

Things you can do with Q-Face

  • transform your icon on instant messaging software, by putting a hat on your picture
  • changing into a cute puppy or
  • adding a frame of bubbles around the image

That’s fun. But I think it could be even funnier if I do those things to others’ pictures. :)

Things you can have with Windy Zone

  • Star Mission v.
  • Chicken Shake v.
  • Island War v.2.5.2
  • Chicken Invader v.3.5.4
  • Loco v.1.2.1
  • Smileyville v.1.2.1

via Eeepc.net

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Friday, February 6, 2009

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I Got a New PDair Leather case for my Eee 701

PDair Leather CaseI was able to place an order for a PDair leather case the other day at SilieNation, and now I have it. It’s not actually a new thing for netbooks to have, but it’s still cool. I feel that my netbook is more protected and more practical. Imagine you don’t have to carry along extra pouch just to place spare SDHC. Right?

I compared the price at SilieNation and PDair, and I saved about $10 for the item. I just need another $22 and you can also have one.

I think we’re gonna give away one on March. Let’s just hope that our Paypal funds get some increase despite the economical state :) , and we promise it’s all yours. Just watch out.

That’s how generous we are in terms of giving away stuffs, as long as we can.

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Friday, January 30, 2009

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Win Lenovo IdeaPad S10

Today is the day the 2nd “Jesus Look Alike” will take home a Lenovo IdeaPad S10. The first one was last year, with a better full blown laptop.

Right now at Good Times With Mo, Magic 89.9, people are gathered on their most Jesus Look Alike costume and come judgement hour, one of them will take home the Lenovo IdeaPad S10.

That’s how easy you could win on that program, on that station. Their just the only one, the best. Good Times.

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Posted by Aldrin Cantos    Date: Thursday, December 18, 2008

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