Ubuntu Netbook Edition is the new UNR

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

A blueprint is showing that sooner or later, the Ubuntu Netbook Remix will drop the “Remix” part and use “Edition” instead. It will probably happen when the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx comes out, but this is just my personal guess.

“Ubuntu Netbook Remix has now been a part of the Ubuntu cycle for two releases now, and it should drop the Remix, and become Ubuntu Netbook Edition. This spec is about what changes are needed to enable that. {Ubuntu Blueprint}”

Reminds me of Ubuntu Eee changing to Easy Peasy. Though the two are a totally different case.

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Ubuntu Netbooks seems to be in demand at System76

System76 is a company that manufactures computer hardware. All their products come with Ubuntu. System76 manufactures and sells the Starling Netbook, which is also a 10″ netbook that runs on Intel Atom N270. Which by the way out of stocks already.

Starling Netbook

Starling Netbook, image from System76

In an email sent to WorksWithU, System76 stated that their Starling Netbook ran out of stock 2 weeks earlier than they projected. Their Nettop product Meerkat Ion was also out of stocks.

Ubuntu is the most perfect Linux OS for netbooks thus far. The demand might be far behind Windows, though I don’t have sources to prove. But as I can see, this is because lots of currently existing software/application people use only run on Windows. Familiarity seems to be a big factor for the users. There are alternative software designed for Ubuntu but again, people are not that open for adopting new knowledge when it comes to that. As long as they do fine with what they already know it’s good enough.

Still, this is good news.

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I found the laptop bag that I want

Ubuntu Laptop Bag

Ubuntu Laptop Bag - Backpack

Ever since I had my first generation EEE PC 701 two years ago, I’ve been looking at different shops for a laptop bag that I want. So far I’ve used a couple of backpacks and messenger bags, but nothing has fulfilled what I want for a laptop bag.

What I basically consider for a laptop bag are; first is the quality, then comes the number of compartments that I can use for other accessories like the charger, external drives, USB drives, portable speakers, my mobile phones, some extra shirt and maybe more. Then comes also is the brand.

Ubuntu Laptop Bag - Messenger

Ubuntu Laptop Bag - Messenger

Now the long wait is over, I’m sure I’ve found what I want. I was at the online shop of Ubuntu merchandise and found these two bags which I think very affordable at $68 USD. The only problem is the shipping which is a bit pricey, but I’m going to contact someone I know from the US to pick it up for me, and give it to me when she comes back to Manila in August. I can wait.

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How To Install Ubuntu 9.04 on Eee PC 901

ubuntu 901 Now that you got an Asus Eee PC 901, you might also want to try to install the Ubuntu 9.04. Ubuntu 9.04 is also customized to run nicely on some netbooks. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Eee PC 901 has an Intel Atom N270, 1GB RAM and 20GB SSD, which is highly capable of running Ubuntu OS. You may also enjoy the Ubuntu Netbook Remix which is perfectly designed for netbooks.

Tombuntu shares the step by step on how to install Ubuntu 9.04 on your Eee PC 901.

  1. To start off, you need to have a Ubuntu Live USB or Live CD. To create a Live USB, you need to have to download a copy of Ubuntu. Afterwhich, you may use the USB Startup Disk Creator Tool if you’re running another Ubuntu, or UNetbootin if you’re on Windows.
    You will then have to boot from the Live USB or Live CD. Please refer to manual on how to boot from third party disks.
  2. When Live installer started, you may follow the instructions as is, but if you may, please pay attention to some details.
  3. After all are done well, you may now enjoy your newly installed system. I assume the Ubuntu 9.01 pretty comes with all your basic needs for a netbook and if you think you need something that’s not in there, Ubuntu 9.04 can assist you as well.

For more details and helpful recommendations on installing Ubuntu, feel free to hit the link below.

Step by step Ubuntu 9.04 by Tombuntu.

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How To install Ubuntu 8.10 on Eee PC

Ubuntu 8.10 has been released recently, and if you feel you want to install it on your netbook already, Tombuntu has got you a very detailed instructions of how to install Ubuntu 8.10. In his case, an Eee PC 901, But it should basically work on other model as well.

The instruction includes:

  • Creating a Live USB to SD/Flash Drive
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Upgrading Linux Kernel customized for the Eee PC
  • Get the bluetooth and webcam working

This is not a strange scenario for netbooks to have non-working devices after installing Ubuntu, but there are always workarounds available if you just try to search for it.

via liliputing

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Ubuntu Eee 8.04: Still no Wi-Fi

ubuntu eee no wifi
I was able to install Ubuntu Eee 8.04 beta successfully but since then, I have not configured the wifi properly. I have followed the instructions on the wiki, forum and justing gill, who is lucky enough to have his Ubuntu 8.04 perfect OOTB, but to no avail for me.

I was actually able to use the wifi even without applying the madwifi patch, but I had to turn it on from the BIOS before starting Ubuntu up. Or I have to leave the Wi-Fi

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