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Ubuntu Eee Rebranded, now called Easy Peasy

This has been out a ‘decade’ ago, but I guess I just have to discuss about it over again because it just owns my heart. Ubuntu Eee Easy Peasy, is the new name, after some conflict with the original ‘Ubuntu’ distro. Like what I’ve said before, Ubuntu has all the rights when it comes to trademark, and my man Jon Ramvi just whole-heartedly comply with the law. In fact, the new Easy Peasy still seem to have rival brand and he has acted on it before anything against the new name arise.

Logo making contest is on-going and the nominees were already identified. Pretty cool designs they have there. I envy those who have very good imagination when it comes to such themes like that. I wish I was blessed with that talent too.

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Re-Branding Ubuntu Eee

new ubuntu eee

For those who don’t know, our beloved Ubuntu Eee Project being led by Jon Ramvi is a completely third party project which is not affiliated to Ubuntu of Canonical in any way. Although, Ubuntu Eee shares blood with Ubuntu.

That being said, Canonical released a letter to Jon Ramvi expressing their concerns about some Trademark / Branding issue that Ubuntu Eee allegedly breached. Canonical just did the right thing to preserve their rights on their registrations and I never heard of any harsh brought by Ubuntu Eee to their name as well. In fact I’d say Ubuntu is just popular which became more popular when Ubuntu Eee arrived on the scene.

Now Jon is looking for alternative names to re-brand our beloved Ubuntu Eee and keep it apart from its root which is Ubuntu. Based on the issued letter, we cannot use the circle of friends logo and the word “ubuntu” or “buntu”.

There were already several good names thrown out by supporters for the new brand name, and I’m also thinking of suggestions so at least I tried to contribute. Here are my suggestions so far:

Netbuntu or Netbook OS – since Ubuntu Eee is currently being pimped to work on other netbooks as well.
Gold OS – since it’s currently gold.

Please contribute as well and you just might be able to get a copy of Ubuntu Eee on SD.

Again, I’d like to say this all the time, Thank you very much Ubuntu Eee, Jon and team.

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Ubuntu Eee Quick Update

According to Jon, all issues listed here has been fixed. Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 RC2 is now ready for download.

Way to go…

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Bugs on Ubuntu Eee Gold Release

I’m really excited for the Ubuntu Eee Gold release and I’m particularly happy about the team addressing the bugs being found. There’s not as lots of bugs reported compared to other software around though. Few more days I guess, and we can have a taste of the perfected Ubuntu Eee. It’s still going for Gold.

ubuntu eee gold

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Ubuntu Eee hour by hour blog

ubuntu eee wallpaper
I’ve been following…

I admire Jon Ramvi’s passion for Ubuntu Eee OS…

Ubuntu Eee seems to be at its clear path to success…

Jon Ramvi is very hardworking…

Some problems still arising…

You can download Ubuntu Eee now if you want to try it…

If only I can send him pizza, I would definitely do it…

Ubuntu Eee Day 1
Ubuntu Eee Day 2

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Hands-On: Ubuntu Eee 8.04 Live USB

Ubuntu Eee Live USB

The latest version of Ubuntu Eee which is said to be complete has been released 2 weeks ago and I was able to have a Live USB. I tested it on my stock Eee 701, under-clocked 630 MHz and noticed too few changes compare to previous versions.

One major difference is the boot time. The previous version that I tested took only under a minute from starting up to Desktop while this new version took more than 2 minutes in average. I tested booting several times and got same boot up time. I did not have my previous copy anymore so I was unable to verify its boot up time side by side with the latest version. However, I tested my eeexubuntu and its bootup time never changed. Still under a minute.
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