EeePCLinuxOS: How to install

The developers of PCLinuxOS have come up with their own version for Asus Eee PC. And it’s totally more beautiful than your default Xandros. The software package is complete with OpenOffice, Firefox and Konqueror, Mail and Calendar tools, and lots more.

EeePCLinuxOS image.

It also has easy mode which looks like Xandros’. Plus it has it’s own Tweak software to help you maximize the potentials of your tiny Asus Eee.

Just like eeeXubuntu, it’s easy to install with Live USB. You’ll need to:

  1. Download the .iso file.
  2. Download and install UNetbootin, a tool specially designed for creating Live USB Linux systems. [for Windows and Linux]
  3. Run UNetbootin tool, browse your downloaded .iso file and start creating your Live USB.
  4. Boot your Eee with the LiveUSB.

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy!

EeePCLinuxOS has a lot of promising potentials and I believe it can run with Compiz Fusion as well. EeePCLinuxOS is currently on Beta Release 3.

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Thanks to rljaplit of EEE Users Philippines.

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