Eee PC Top release date announced, gets priced kind of

Written by Aldrin Cantos on October 16, 2008 – 3:45 pm -

Eee Top PC / Touchscreen Eee

If you want iMac-like setup but can’t afford to have one, the Eee Top PC, the all-in-one PC from Asus could be for you. is now accepting pre-orders on the Eee Top PC or Touchscreen Eee, however you call it. Its current price on the order page is £399.99, which is quite ideal for the product.

Like other Eee PC, the Eee Top / Touchscreen Eee sports the Intel Atom 1.6G, Intel 945GSE chipset and 1GB 667MHz DDR, WiFi, LAN, and USB ports. It will have 160GB SATA HDD and will run on Windows XP. The screen size is way larger than any other Eee PC at 15.6 inches. Screen ratio is 16:10, good enough for viewing your favorite movie collection.

This new product will be available in UK on November 20.

via Register Hardware


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