Firefox 3 Beta kills my EEE PC

Written by Aldrin Cantos on April 30, 2008 – 8:30 am -

One weird thing I encountered when I installed Ubuntu Eee on my Eee PC is that the screen just shuts off just suddenly and at first, I blamed Ubuntu Eee. I was wrong.

Whenever I browse in Firefox and starts scrolling long pages, the system starts to crawl as well and eventually the monitor will shut down in few minutes. To be more sure about it, I browsed the same heavy page with Opera and it was smooth. I tried again with Firefox and boom, it shut off.

So I guess that could be an evidence. So I uninstalled Firefox 3 Beta and replaced it with Firefox 2 and it was smooth. I kept the Opera browser as backup when the problem comes back.

This might not be the exact reason and solution to this kind of problem but it worked for me. I’m keeping my Ubuntu Eee for a while until I find time to install and test another OS on my eee pc…


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