LG Netbooks will sport Sony Ericsson HSPA for greater mobile experience

Written by Aldrin Cantos on September 29, 2008 – 10:39 pm -

While Asus is embedding HSUPA on Eee PC 901, LG is also taking its step on this kind of high speed broadband to provide users with greater mobility.

“Sony Ericsson is excited to work with LG Electronics to give consumers and business users the freedom and flexibility to access internet in the way they want it, wherever they are. Ericsson is also very pleased to be selected to provide mobile broadband modules to LG Electronics’ netbooks which is a segment that is forecasted to grow fast.” - Mats Norin, Vice President

Now let’s ask a not-too-related question, “When is the best time to buy Netbooks“.

There are stores like amazon, offering rebates on Eee PC and MSI, but you may think those netbooks are not the ones you need or want. And you may also be thinking twice of buying just yet because you are expecting more rebates to come in the near future. Or you are waiting for a Netbook with greater features like HSPA. Btw, HSPA enables you to have DSL-like internet access in a wireless way.

But we may be wrong. Prices may go higher instead of going down. Or the ones with HSPA capability might be priced too high which you cannot afford to buy. So what could be the best answer to the question?

eeepc via marketwire


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