What’s inside my bag?

Written by Aldrin Cantos on April 9, 2008 – 6:00 am -

Apart from the laptop bag I am raffling off, I also have a messenger type bag that I more frequently use. That’s the bag I brought along when I attended the Meet and Greet II with co-members of EeePH community.

The laptop bag has a very simple look. It has one pocket on the front, one slim pocket on the flip cover, and one slim-and-small pocket inside.

Here’s how it looks when it’s loaded.
asus eee laptop bag
…And when unloaded.
asus eee laptop bag


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Laptop Bag for your Eee PC Contest

Written by Aldrin Cantos on April 2, 2008 – 10:09 am -

Here’s another easy-to-win online raffle contest. I have shipped out 2 bags already to the winners plus more. Now it’s your chance.

The bag can only be availed from our company which means it has a logo on it. That’s the only thing you would not like about it. It’s embroidered so removing it is somehow impossible. But if you don’t mind the logo, why not join?
laptop bag for eee pc

  1. You must leave a comment here showing your interest of having this bag plus your reason why you want to have this bag. Deadline is on April 30th, 23:59:59. Your comments don’t have to be long.
  2. Include your preferred color (maroon, black, green, orange, gray). Depends on availability.
  3. You must be resided in the Philippines (can’t afford international shipping yet).
  4. You must be interested on the bag!

The winner will be contacted thru email and will be announced in a post. So please do not forget to provide valid email. The winner will be randomly pick by me on May 1.


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