Raon Digital will have SSD-based Everun

Written by Aldrin Cantos on October 13, 2008 – 11:05 am -

raon everun ssd netbookRaon’s Everun Note has remarkably been the first netbook to have Dual Core processor with its AMD Turion 1.2G processor, and the combination of touch-screen, wifi, and bluetooth technologies. The company is also suggesting that Everun Note is best for Power Users, given its specs that surely tells you it’s powerful. The only thing they might have missed is using SSD instead of spinning HDD, which is not a big deal. And now to give better options, they are offering two new SSD-based netbooks.

The S16S, dubbed as the low-end version of the two, will sport 4GB SLC + 12GB MLC SSD, 1.2G Sempron CPU and will run in Ubuntu. Price is not confirmed yet but according to UMPC Portal, it will have $659 pre-tax retail price.

The high-end version D24S, will keep its original 1.2G Turion Dual Core processor and will still run in Windows XP. It will also have a total of 24GB SSD, one 8GB SLC and an 16GB MLC. We think it’s safe to assume that the OS will be on the 8GB. The price for this version will be $950 pre-tax, though not confirmed as well.

It’s always good to know that some companies are moving ahead according to demands, giving better options and alternatives to consumers. And while they have not yet considered the AMD netbook CPU, we guess they will soon do, to increase an hour or 2 on their current maximum battery life of 3 hours.

via UMPC Portal


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