Ubuntu Eee 8.04: Still no Wi-Fi

ubuntu eee no wifi
I was able to install Ubuntu Eee 8.04 beta successfully but since then, I have not configured the wifi properly. I have followed the instructions on the wiki, forum and justing gill, who is lucky enough to have his Ubuntu 8.04 perfect OOTB, but to no avail for me.

I was actually able to use the wifi even without applying the madwifi patch, but I had to turn it on from the BIOS before starting Ubuntu up. Or I have to leave the Wi-Fi

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No Title Bar on eeeXubuntu, Compiz-Fusion, OpenOffice

You might also have experience with your OpenOffice to have no title bar, in fullscreen, and you can’t minimize, move or resize it when on compiz-fusion. And just like me, you can’t figure out what’s wrong and don’t know what to do. I did some research and got good ideas and formulated own idea from those. I hope my solution helps you.

Here are the problems I had with OpenOffice.

  • When I open it, it’s always in fullscreen mode.
  • It does not have title bars.
  • The window flickers when I initiate popup menus.
  • I cannot minimize, move or resize OpenOffice.
  • When on xfce environment, all windows do not have title bars.

Here’s how to resolve the problem.

  1. Switched off compiz-fusion. You can easily switch it on/off using Forlong’s Compiz-Switch tool.
  2. Run xfce manually on the terminal window. You may notice that after running it manually, all windows, including OpenOffice will have title bars will automatically.
  3. On the terminal, type ‘xfwm4′ and press enter.
  4. Run compiz-fusion on xfce. To do this, run compiz-switch xfwm4 on the terminal window. To run this automatically with compiz-switch tool, I needed to add Compiz-Switch shortcut to the Program Launcher and on the command field, I put ‘compiz-switch xfwm4′. How to add a Program Launcher.
  5. Problem solved! More information about compiz-switch can be found on Forlong’s blog.

You may also read on below about how I discovered the problem if you’re still not bored.

I was playing with my system configuration last week to discover more about compiz-fusion and eeexubuntu. I was able to configure the animation, session settings, etc. to what I like but then, when I started my OpenOffice, I noticed that menus don’t come out as expected. Everytime a menu pops out, the whole window will flicker and then the menu hides again.

I knew it has something to do with my new config. So I tried to bring back my new configuration but there’s something I have missed and I dont know what. Then I started to investigate and research.

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How to add a Program Launcher on eeeXubuntu

A Program Launcher works the same as the Quick Launch toolbar on Windows XP.

How to add a program launcher on Ubuntu.

  1. Right click on the Applications Panel. A popup menu appears.
  2. Select Add New Item from the popup menu.
  3. Select Launcher and click the Add button. Now you can add shortcut items to the launcher. E.g compiz-switch.

Program Launcher eeeXubuntu

Tip: You can also add new items without typing the commands. Open the Appfinder from Accessories and you can drag and drop items to your launcher easily.

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eeeXubuntu Wireless Network Problems

I’ve heard a lot of concerns about wi-fi capability of eeeXubuntu. Some say wi-fi do not start up. Some say they can start it up but cannot connect to any network. Some say it’s about the network manager on eeeXubuntu.

I have experienced those issues as well. I just followed the intructions descried in asus eee wiki and it really helped me.

One thing I have not resolve yet.

I can connect to all available wi-fi networks except for one. I used to hang out on that place before because wi-fi is free. But with my last 2 visits on that place, I was not able to connect successfully. The network manager says it’s connected, showing the strength in percentage. But I just can’t connect to the internet. All other users using windows running Windows OS there were able to connect successfully.

I did every possible way to reconfigure my network settings to no avail. The store owner says there’s no special steps to be connected. So I don’t have anymore ideas about it.

Somebody have any hint why? Please help.

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How to fix: Multiple AWN instances on Start-up


I installed AWN after installing Compiz on asus eee. (AWN requires installing Beryl or Compiz or other compositing support)
It runs successfully, but everytime I start up eeexubuntu, multiple instances of AWN starts up. It has something to do with the saved session. That’s what I noticed.

My Solution

  1. Un-check or Remove Avant-Window-Navigator from Autostarted Applications
  2. Un-check the ‘Automatically start AWN on login’ from awn-manager
  3. Make sure only one AWN instance is running
  4. Close all other windows
  5. Shutdown or restart asus eee, check Save session for future logins

This solved my problem. Everytime I start up my ubuntu, only one AWN instance starts up. I hope this helps you too.

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Easiest way to change File Permission in eeeXubuntu

You might somtimes run over an error message in Terminal or whatever console while trying to run a script. The error I am talking about here is the following:

bash: … : Permission denied

This is very easy to resolve in eeeXubuntu. Here are the steps.

Open a Terminal / console
type sudo su
Provide your password
Run thunar by typing thunar &
Browse the file you need to change permission
Right click on that file, click Properties > Permission
Check “Allow this file to run as a program”
There it is. SImple.

Another way to use that file without changing permission is to run it as root user. Open thunar as root, then run the file right there.

I hope this article helps you resolve your problem. Happy reading.

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