EeePCLinuxOS Author leaves for Military Service

It’s been a while since I searched updates about one of the coolest OS for the Eee PC, one of the firsts to have Wi-Fi working ootb, the EeePCLinuxOS. Unexpectedly, the page says it’s down. The author left a letter to everyone, expressing his patriotic acceptance of the duty to serve his land.

Here’s his message:

Tuesday, September 23 2008
It is with sincerest regret that I must inform you EeePCLinuxOS has been put on hold. I (JMiahMan) have been called back to active duty military after being inactive for 3 years. My only regrets are that a final version wasn’t released before my deployment. I hope to come back in a year or so and continue what was started even if the EeePCs are outdated I will still have one, so if it’s for my own use there will still be development.

As of right now the forums are still open and if you’re lucky someone may be able to help you with any questions.

If all else fails ask for help installing PCLinuxOS on the EeePC on the PCLinuxOS forums as I know a few people have gotten vanilla installs of PCLinuxOS MiniME 2008 installed with some of my earlier packages. If you go this route please help out PCLinuxOS in any way possible.

Thank you all for your continued support. I hope to be back soon

Kind Regards,

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WiFi works on EeePCLinuxOS Beta 3-1 OOTB

The only reason why I am not replacing Ubuntu Eee on my Eee PC yet is that there’s no other OS I find with WiFi already working OOTB. And now I think it’s time for a big leap to EeePCLinuxOS.

The coolness of EeePCLinuxOS.

Eeextra has the proofs that WiFi works in EeePCLOS out of the box. That’s great news. And good reason to replace your old Xandros. They also confirmed that you can save great amount of memory from your SSD compare to Xandros, since it does not include recovery system files. EeePCLinuxOS boots up in less than a minute.

I have not yet tested this OS and I still don’t have the time but expect a video on Eeextra next week. Or maybe I am really not going to replace Ubuntu Eee since it’s very close to be finished and Wifi will also work OOTB…

Update: Download location is currently down due to bandwidth restriction.

EeePCLinuxOS Beta 3-1

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EeePCLinuxOS: How to install

The developers of PCLinuxOS have come up with their own version for Asus Eee PC. And it’s totally more beautiful than your default Xandros. The software package is complete with OpenOffice, Firefox and Konqueror, Mail and Calendar tools, and lots more.

EeePCLinuxOS image.

It also has easy mode which looks like Xandros’. Plus it has it’s own Tweak software to help you maximize the potentials of your tiny Asus Eee.

Just like eeeXubuntu, it’s easy to install with Live USB. You’ll need to:

  1. Download the .iso file.
  2. Download and install UNetbootin, a tool specially designed for creating Live USB Linux systems. [for Windows and Linux]
  3. Run UNetbootin tool, browse your downloaded .iso file and start creating your Live USB.
  4. Boot your Eee with the LiveUSB.

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy!

EeePCLinuxOS has a lot of promising potentials and I believe it can run with Compiz Fusion as well. EeePCLinuxOS is currently on Beta Release 3.

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