Eee Storage Service for Eee PC 701 series now available

Written by Aldrin Cantos on December 3, 2008 – 9:18 am -

I happened to pass by the Eee PC comparison site and noticed that there’s already a 10GB Eee Storage availble for Eee PC 701SD/701SDX. Don’t know how long this has been available but the Eee Storage Utility has been on the support site for months already. The service is still unavailable for Eee PC 4G though, and I’m trying to get some words from the engineers about this.

Some models already come along with the Eeestorage installed, but if your Eee PC doesn’t have it yet, you can easily download and install it. For more details about installation and configuration, you may refer to

UPDATE: The Support Team replied pretty quickly and there’s hope for 4G users. “We are still developing the Eee Storage vision that works on the 4G model. Thanks for your supporting and patience. -Eee Storage Support Team”


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