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Asus Eee Stick full Specs

Activation stick Game key x 7 Mode switch x 1 LED x 2 8-way 3D motions Vibration-capable Weight: 112g including batteries Fully-programmable keys Power: AA battery x 2 Available in White Navigation stick Game key x 4 Joystick x 1 LED x 2 8-way 3D motions Vibration-capable Weight: 114g including batteries [...]

Asus Eee Stick is exclusively for Eee PC only, theoretically works on all PCs

The Asus Eee Stick that looks like the Wii Nunchuck, if you don't know yet, will be bundled exclusively with select Eee brands only. And a number of compatible games will also come bundled with each Eee Stick. I sense the Eee Box will be one of the selected since the promo video I saw during the Press Launch showed a man went fishing on the Eee [...]

Why Eee Box and Eee Stick look like Wii?

The first time we saw the leaked photos of the Eee Box, we had one common thing in mind that looks exactly like it. The Wii. Then there's the Eee Stick now that looks very closely like the Wii Nunchuck. I think I had a little explanation about why is that so. According to Royce Randell, Eee Box Account Specialist in Asia, during the Eee Box [...]
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