Asus EEE PC Killer assassinated before birth

Written by Aldrin Cantos on April 23, 2008 – 10:17 am -

If you’re famous, and everyone gets envious, expect death threats. Asus EEE PC is famous, thus, a lot of so called ASUS EEE PC KILLERS popped out like mushrooms weeks after the eee pc was born.

3k longitude 400

The newest hitman I read about is the 3K Longitude 400 Mini-Notebook which just came from nowhere. It sports an equally powered 7 inches screen, WiFi, SD Reader, 3 USB ports and rides on a horse that runs at 400Mhz. You can hire one at $400.

I say good luck to this one and I hope it can catch up with the EEE PC.

Via liliputing.


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