What are the ingredients of One Day Computing?

Written by Aldrin Cantos on October 3, 2008 – 12:20 pm -

One Day Computing is literally composed of 3 words, describing a whole day (8 hrs) of mobility using your netbook. And by mobility it means that you should be able to move from one place to another, without plugging a charger or turning off your netbook. One Day Computing largely depends on battery life, but there are even more factors that helps the battery lasts a whole day.

Has the One Day Computing been achieved already by Netbook manufacturers?

When Asus announced their 901 and 1000 series of Eee PC, one of the things they improved is the battery life, which lasts up to 7.8 hours. And it’s one of the factors apart from larger disk estate that attracts many buyers. Previous versions had 4-cell battery, which obviously lasts shorter. Previous versions also uses Intel Celeron processors while the new versions uses Intel Atom, which eats power way thriftier than Celerons.

The secret behind this does not rely completely on the battery capacity. Every 6-cell battery might store and produce same amount of power, but if used in different ways, results differ as well. In theory, larger battery capacity + lesser consumption = longer life. Any factor changed in the formula might affect the result.

Take for instance the 901 Linux and 901 XP versions. They sports the same 6-cell battery but somehow, the XP version lasts longer than Linux. Is it because Windows XP has better power management than Linux? Or is it because the 12GB SSD consumes less power than 20GB? But this still doesn’t sum it all up.

Another factor that greatly affects battery life is you. How do you use your netbook? Do you just write documents, visit the internet? Do you watch movies and TV series on your Eee PC? Do you prefer very bright LCD and faster CPU speed? Anything you do with your netbook affects all else on the equation. It may prolong or reduce the life, but as long as you are satisfied of what what you’re doing then it’s fine. Except that what we’re trying to achieve here is the longest battery life we can have.

But if you really can’t conserve power and you still want to see long life, you may consider adding third part batteries, a monster one.


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Asus Eee PC 901 to integrate 3.75G/HSUPA

Written by Aldrin Cantos on September 25, 2008 – 4:39 pm -

eee pc 901 3g hsupaThe Eee PC 901 will soon be your whole day companion anywhere you go. According to Asus, this 8.9 incher will boast 3.75/HSUPA, with data transfer speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and 2 Mbps respectively. Of course it depends on provider/operator. The latter will be available in October 2008, but no price is revealed thus far.

Asus is always one step ahead and we just love it.



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How-to install internal 3G HSDPA on Asus Eee PC 901 and 1000H

Written by Aldrin Cantos on September 13, 2008 – 4:14 am -

As you may have already thought, one important thing the Eee PC 901 and 1000H lack is the readily setup 3G HSDPA, though Asus provided an open PCIE slot so you can practice your soldering talent and add the 3G card on your own effort at your own risk. And if you want to try, the ingredients are made available for you as well.
Ingredients: miniPCI-E connector (thin enough to fit inside the case), SIM Socket (1.5 mm height), metal screws to secure miniPCI-E, HSPA or EVDO miniPCI-E card, Coaxial wire with an U.FL connector, Spare cell phone antenna. [source]

3G hsdpa asus eee pc

Now, for the cooking procedure, there’s only one place you need to go and you’ll be good. jkk has all the knowledge you need to install 3G HSDPA on your Asus Eee PC. Beware though, that you have to be really good on the hot rod since soldering the mini PCIE is not easy to do. Actually, jkk have already claimed to not assist you in this matter right before you ask for it. :)

Oh btw, in case you are in doubt of jkk’s works, hit this.


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Eee PC 900, Eee PC 901

Written by Aldrin Cantos on May 15, 2008 – 5:23 pm -

Which poses better?

Based on the new specs, I say, the 901.

eee pc 900, eee pc 901

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting.


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Asus Eee PC 901 already exists

Written by Aldrin Cantos on May 15, 2008 – 6:54 am -

I think Asus is really not gonna stop putting enhancements on their truly successful ultraportable Eee PC.

the Eee PC 901
Looted from liliputing.com

Eee PC News blog is already showing tons of hi-res pics of the Eee PC 901. The good news about it is that Asus maintains the name EEE and keep it competitive among other UMPC. In fact, I still believe it stands high among others. But the thing is, it might also decrease the sales of Eee PC 900 because customers might opt to wait for the release of 901. What do you think?

I assume the Eee PC 901 will sport the same OS/Applications as with the 900. Noticeable changes are the touchpad, the power button and the new stereo mic. I wonder if battery is also upgraded.

More details about the Eee PC 901 at Liliputing and Eee PC News.


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