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Eee PC 1005HA, 1008HA launched in the Philippines

Asus unveiled two new Eee PC Shell netbooks May 21, 2009 in Manila. The 1005HA is an entry level while the 1008HA is high end. via Yugatech Eee PC 1008HA Specifications Genuine Windows® XP Home or GNU Linux 10.1" LED Backlight WSVGA Screen (1024x600) Intel® Atom N280 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM WLAN 802.11b/g/n @2.4GHz, Bluetooth2.1 + EDR 160GB [...]

8.9 inch SSD Netbooks Price Drops

As part of inventory sales, netbook makers are dropping the prices for their 8.9 netbooks and apparently for smaller sizes ssd-based. Looks like HDD is getting more practical on netbooks since it has larger storage capacity in lesser costs. SSD as we all know has lesser capacity but the prices are very high considering the estate. Now the only [...]

Asus Eee PC 900 Impoved for Japan

The original plan for Asus Eee PC 900 in Japan is to have a single MLC 16GB SSD, and it seems to be too slow for the Japanese. So instead of dealing with irate customers coming back and complaining, AsusTek anticipated it with their last minute initiative. The 16GB SSD will be replaced with two 8GB SSD but only one of them will be SLC (faster) [...]

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 goes Head to Head with Asus Eee PC 900

For some of you who are in doubt about which is better between the 2 netbooks, here are some ideas that might be of help. Performance wise, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 might outdo the Asus Eee PC 900. Inspiron sports 1.6Ghz Intel Atom while the Eee PC 900 uses 900Mhz Celeron. Since Atom consumes lesser power than Celeron, Inspiron has an advantage on [...]

Orange offers FREE Asus Eee PC 900 @ £25/month

In UK, Orange is offering a very attractive deal to its customers and here are the key points customers need to consider when planning to avail the offer. It really depends on how much you can spend and how much data transfer you will need. The deal includes an Asus Eee PC 900, 8.9", Windows XP, 16GB SSD, 1GB RAM Up to 1.8 Mbps connection [...]

How will Asus make eee pc last a whole day unplugged

I heard about this during the press launch in Manila. Asus 900 series will be capable to stay on for a whole day. And by whole day they mean 8 hrs. But JKK explained very clearly how Asus will do it... And gave ideas how to make eee pc lasts more than 8 hrs too. I love [...]

Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Enjoying with some Problems.

While we all know it's not officially out, you can already download and install the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on your little friend Eee PC. I was able to install it without any hassle, though with minor inconsistencies with the expected result. After all, my Eee PC is now closely similar to Ubuntu Mobile. The Ubuntu Netbook Remix comes with several [...]

How To Install T500 on Asus Eee PC

While the release of the Eee PC 901 Atom-powered processor has been announced officially (DigiTimes), it's not the same with 3.5G version. A question during the Press Launch in Manila was raised by Yuga if they are going to release 3.5G version in the future and the answer was clearly NO. But the good thing is, Ethan Hung (Asus Exec) confirmed [...]

Eee PC 900, Eee PC 901

Which poses better? Based on the new specs, I say, the 901. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image [...]

Asus Eee PC 900 Press Launch Highlights

This morning, ASUS held a press launch for their latest ultraportable, the Eee PC 900. It is the newer version of the original 701 series, sporting wider screen and higher resolution. It also stands with higher disk capacity, 20GB and 12GB for Linux and Windows versions respectively. Both versions will have base SSD capacity of 4GB and the extra [...]
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