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Jolicloud Uncovers Multi-touch features of Eee PC 701

Jolicloud is an operating system specially designed for netbooks. It is a lite OS based on Linux, though I’m not sure if it’s Ubuntu but it’s very much similar. It also features a netbook remix UI. I got an invitation to try the new Jolicloud Alpha release for developers a week ago, and today I installed it to a thumb drive and had a test run on my Eee PC 701.

Jolicloud OS on Eee PC 701 supports multi-touch feature

Jolicloud OS on Eee PC 701 supports multi-touch feature

Now, we pretty much know that the Asus Eee PC 701 doesn’t support multi-touch feature. The multi-touch feature was actually introduced during the days of the Eee PC 900 series. But it’s one thing I discovered today. Two-finger scrolling and 3-finger touch right click works on Eee PC 701 when using Jolicloud. Though it’s kind of hard to do the 3-finger right click because the touchpad of the Eee PC 701 is really small to do the trick. But I swear, it works. I also tried the zooming in and out feature but it’s not working. The mouse settings don’t provide other features aside from the usual basic configurations. This is really new to me so please forgive if I’m too much amused of it. I uploaded a crappy video on Youtube and it’s also available after the break.

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Is it ok to leave your netbooks plugged all the time?

My Asus EEE PC 1000HE has been plugged and busy for 3 straight days already. I’m using it the whole day and I leave it downloading copies of Live Linux distros all night. Of course I did a couple of restarts as well as required by application updates. But I noticed it did not heat up too much. My netbook is at the living room, no AC, atmosphere is ranging from 28 to 30 degress centigrade during daytime.

I wonder before if keeping it plugged the whole time affects on the temperature, but I guess, maybe just a little bit. I think most of the heat comes from internal components and maybe from the battery. Even though, I still ask, “Is it ok to leave netbooks plugged all the time”? “Is it good for the battery as well”?

I have an EEE PC 701 I purchased in 2007 and I’ve been using it the same way. Plugged at all time as much as possible. Of course it heats up much more than 1000HE because they have different components and the newer one has the advantage most of the times if not always. I did a basic battery check on my EEE PC 701 yesterday and it seems it’s as healthy as before. Maybe because I have lesser charge/discharge cycle? I’m not so sure. I’m not technically literate of how battery works. I did not do a battery test before, but I remember I watched 2 movies in one sitting so I did the same again and it’s almost the same result. It’s not accurate but I don’t think the result is far apart. I know my netbook pretty well but I don’t mean I can’t be wrong.

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Video: Eee PC 701 with Multi-touchscreen

Sad to hear that Asus is phasing out the Eee PC 701, but I guess it’s wonderful to see it for the last time with multi-touchscreen function.


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8.9 inch SSD Netbooks Price Drops

As part of inventory sales, netbook makers are dropping the prices for their 8.9 netbooks and apparently for smaller sizes ssd-based. Looks like HDD is getting more practical on netbooks since it has larger storage capacity in lesser costs. SSD as we all know has lesser capacity but the prices are very high considering the estate. Now the only advantage we could see for SSD is the ability to r/w faster than HDD (not all times), and avoid breaking itself with major shocks.

In Taiwan, Acer has dropped their price for the 8GB 8.9 inch Aspire One to NT$6999 ($202 USD), while AsusTek puts a tag price of as low as NT$6500 ($187 USD) for their 7″ netbooks and NT$8999 ($260 USD) on 20GB 8.9″ netbooks.

ASUS Eee PC 900 8.9-Inch Netbook (Intel Mobile Processor, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB Solid State Drive, Linux, 4 Cell Battery) Pearl White

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The newest tablet hack on Eee PC

eee pc tablet

For those who can’t afford to replace their frist-gen EEE PC like me, don’t feel bad about it because that thing is the one which changed computing history. However, sometimes we can’t help but feel that we’re get used to it and want something more. A member of Mobile01forums has made his own tablet hack to his Eee PC 701 and it sounds the best tablet hack thus far.

According to the developer, he’s thinking of selling kits to everyone. I honestly would consider it. It’s cool. Well, I’d love it more to have a new netbook.

via Liliputing

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Android on Asus Eee PC 701

android on eee pcIf you’re looking for an OS for your Asus Eee PC other than the usual OSes like Ubuntu and Windows, then you might want to try Android. Apparently, while Android was originally bult for mobile phones, it also runs on you Eee PC 701. I know it’s cool to have it, and you just need 3 things to install it.

  1. A machine running Ubuntu
  2. An Eee PC 701
  3. A USB flash drive (the instructions don

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