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Asus puts Eee PC 900/901 to bigger casing, puts on larger keyboard

Acer Aspire One is no doubt larger than than Eee PC 901 and it seems like Asus is quite not comfortable with that. DigiTimes is telling that Asus is planning to make bigger models of Eee PC 900 and 901 as Eee PC 904 and 905. These two versions are actually not new versions since Asus will implement same specs as the smaller version, except that [...]

MSI is really serious in the competition

After their success of summoning the MSI Wind, a better competitor of the Asus Eee PC, MSI has yet another promising child to take down the Eee PC Desktop. MSI has introduced their MSI Wind Desktops at Computex last month. The rig will sport 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk, DVD drive on board and WiFi and will come with Windows XP. The business [...]

Everex Think Cloudbook MAX, by Q1-Q2 2009

In just a few days after Asus Eee PC shipped out last year, Cloudbook followed in strong confidence to compete with Asus, but then it looks like Everex stopped mingling with other ultra portables for a while now. I never have concrete basis on this being out of the loop of discussion in every blog I read. So I glanced on their products site [...]

MSI Wind competes EEE PC 901, 1000(H) release date in US

Few hours ago, I posted that MSI Wind could be available in Amazon by today, but apparently we have to wait two weeks more before it comes real. (Still not confirmed). According to the email posted at MSIWind Forum, MSI Wind will ship on the week of July 7th. Sounds like there's still no exact date. On the other side, Asus has confirmed date [...]

Asus Eee PC Killers on the run

Is Asus Eee that hot to trigger competitors to create their ultra-ultraportable laptops? I think it is. Asus should very proud of they have achieved with their tiny beautiful eee pc. The Asus Eee PC competitors are dubbed as Asus Eee PC killers but I think they'll have to eat dusts first cause Asus Eee PC won't be dead. ECS G10IL MSI [...]
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