Asking for more battery juice?

Written by A. Cantos on September 27, 2008 – 1:53 am -

Go ahead! You want it, then go get yourself one. Deal Extreme is selling this 10400 mAh battery and ships it free worldwide. And while you plan to have one, you may also want to consider finding a good heat sink absorber so you won’t sore your butt because this thing lasts forever. Of course I’m exaggerating. But seriously, it can last few hours longer than what you usually spend. Yeah, you can always rest whenever you want.

10400 mAh eee pc battery

liliputing via eee


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Cool Eee PC Accessories coming soon?

Written by Aldrin Cantos on August 21, 2008 – 1:30 am -

Along with Asus’ success with their Eee PC Netbooks, third party manufacturers of External Devices are also enjoying some juices. Let me credit other Netbooks as well for this. Digitimes also has their say on this.

This could be the reason why Asus is planning to manufacture Eee PC Accessories on their own. And with the leaked pictures, I see more barrels of success juices flowing in for Asus. I personally was waiting for the T500 External 3G Connection Card for the longest time already. 3G is my most enjoyed on-the-go connection, that’s why.

Next on my waiting list is the External Drive, although I still don’t know how much capacity it would have. Capacity is the most important factor for me since the Eee PC itself does not have lots of it. The external Eee Writer is no doubt cool but since I already have an external DVD burner, I might not need another one. There are also other accessories like the DVB-T version of the TV-tuner and the USB Skype handset reported at Fudzilla as well.


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Crystal Case Winner - July 2008

Written by Aldrin Cantos on August 1, 2008 – 4:08 am -

Let’s congratulate another satisfied winner of our contest, Heart. I assume she’s a girl.

She said: wow! i cant almost see [link]

This might be the last time I will announce the winner through blog post. Next time, I will only inform the winner via email, cc:email subscribers.

But don’t worry! Monthly contests will still be posted and available for all.


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Up Next: Win a Crystal Case for you Eee PC

Written by Aldrin Cantos on July 12, 2008 – 5:52 am -

This month, we’re giving away one (1) icy cool Crystal Case for your Eee PC. However, it will only fit on your 700/701 units. That’s quite not cool I know. But I hope you still join the contest. Who knows, we may still be able to change the item if it’s not what you want?

And do you know that the case I am talking about is super cool and clear? Take a look at this.
Eee PC Crystal Case
Image from Brando.
Do you ever notice it’s covered with a crystal case? Now, do you want to own it?

Okay, same mechanic. One (1) comment = one (1) entry. Only one entry is allowed. If you want another entry, you must subscribe to feeds via email. Clear?

And I want to make some clarifications. Subscribing via feed readers won’t allow us to see who you are, and we can’t count them as entries for our contests. Please use the email subscription box on the side.

And as for the prize, our reservation is not yet confirmed. So in the case we won’t be able to avail one, I will replace it with a better item that will surely make the winner smile like this :) .

[Comments closed. Winner declared.]


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How to use the mini-mouse easier

Written by Aldrin Cantos on June 20, 2008 – 2:54 am -

I just had my mini-mice 2 days ago and I’m already used to it like I don’t want to hold my regular-sized mice anymore.

Most people might have difficulty using the smallest mouse in the world, so let me share some tips how to easily cope with it.

    Using tips:

  • Hold the mouse with your ‘thumb’ and ‘middle finger’. Don’t cover the mouse with your whole hand.
  • Use your index finger to left-click the mouse.
  • Use your index finger to middle-click the mouse.
  • Use your index finger to right-click the mouse.
  • Drag the mice to the right when moving to the right.
  • Drag to the left when moving to the left.
  • Drag up when going up.
  • And down when going down.
  • There are also techniques when going NE, NW, SE, SW and I let you discover it yourself. That’s it.

how to left click how to middle click how to right click mini-mice vs giant-mice

    Technical tips:

  • Do not change any configuration/settings of your mouse. Let it use the installation default settings. The default settings are already perfect. Why change it?
  • Do not use your mouse on rough surfaces.
  • Your mouse works with any surface color. I have tested mine with Matte Black, Shiny Black, white, brown, yellow, green and gray surfaces. It worked very fine.
  • Your mouse can work on walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Your mouse won’t work on mirrors.

But seriously, you don’t need these tips. The smallest mouse in the world should work perfectly for anyone who knows how to use a mouse .

If you also like to adopt one of the smallest mouses in the world, let me know by subscribing to my feeds. We’re gonna have a raffle exclusively for feed subscribers. But we need to reach a number of subscribers first. So far, we already have 2 subscribers. That’s enough I guess. Not! But those 2 subscribers already has 50% chance of owning this mini-mouse. And when another subscriber comes, there will become 3 subscribers and they’re gonna have 33.333333333% chance of winning. Now, subscribe to my feeds and get a portion of those chances. And not only that, you will be automatically counted on every up-coming contest in this blog. So after you subscribe, you can forget about this site and never come back again, but still you can win prizes.

But seriously, I’m not kidding.


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Now I Go Mini

Written by Aldrin Cantos on June 19, 2008 – 4:15 am -

After a while of using Eee PC, I found that using the small touchpad wasn’t that comfortable to my wrist and fingers anymore. I also noticed that using classic Flash Drives to maximize the use of the built-in 4GB SSD was not so convenient anymore. So I turned my head right to some Mini accessories for my Eee PC.
I can’t afford an HP-Mini yet.

Right there at, you’ll find All The Small Things for your lappies. And they are not just small but cool as well. And by cool, I mean they’re HOT.

Check out my new Super Talent 8GB PICO Series. And on the other side, an E-Blue Mini-mouse just about the size of a mini mouse.
super talent usb drive World's smallest mouse HID

The smallest bluetooth is on its way. ;)


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Asus Eee PC Keyboard Protector

Written by Aldrin Cantos on May 21, 2008 – 3:00 am -

Just in time when I arrived home this morning from my shift, the delivery van is waiting at the gate. They have my keyboard protector that I ordered yesterday. So I hurriedly opened and now I am using it.

The size and color is perfect for the eee pc. At first look, you wont notice that there’s a thin layer over the keys. It is soft and stick to the plastic case by itself. At first there were quite a lot of bubbles and I can’t make it fit perfectly with the keys. But then, after letting it there for few minutes, they vanished little by little.

However, I don’t feel too comfortable when I type. It’s quite humid at my place and the silicon sticks too much to my fingertips. I can type much faster with bare keys. Though, I know I’ll get used to it. Pouring some amount of baby powder to my hands made it dry and typing went smooth this time.

Final words, I will still keep the silicon keyboard protector on my eee pc because I know there more benefit from it.

Oh, did I mention that I ordered 2 pcs of this? I will be giving it to you in June. So keep on coming back as I might announce the raffle already anytime soon. ;)


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Longer lasting batteries tested @ Blogeee

Written by Aldrin Cantos on May 16, 2008 – 8:07 am -

A French blog, Blogeee, has always been so luckily to be at the top of all things that regard EEE PC. And gets first hand testing on 3rd party accessories as well. Pierre had a very good and very detailed review of the 7350 mAh and 6600 mAh batteries produced by Bluetrade.

7350 mAh, 6600 mAh Eee PC Batteries

According to his reviews, the 7350 mAh can last up to nearly 5 hours on light computing on Eee 700 and 900. And 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs on heavy use.

Regarding the form factor, the battery has minor effect on how much you can open the lid of the eee pc. And I think it’s not a big deal. It also adds some weight to your light-weight eee pc.

The 6600 mAh costs 58.70 euros and the 7350 mAh costs 79.04 euros. Available colors are black and white, and if you order at Bluetrade, you can have discount on shipping by entering the discount code: BLOGEEE

For more interesting information, hop on to


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